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Our Story
The Dynamic Duo of Hospitality...............

Raymond & Denise Kelly, also known as "The Dynamic Duo of Hospitality", have honed their gifts to marry his expressive zest for the culinary arts and her ardent zeal for visual design, to embrace their fervor for catering  and hospitality.   Together they reign supreme with a client base that spans from New York to Atlanta.


Raymond is a graduate of the Arts Institute, where he acquired various certificates in Culinary Arts and the Food Service Industry.  He has showcased his talents, serving with prestigious culinary teams and has collaborated with some of the industries finest culinarians in highly esteemed establishments, such as The Lincroft Inn, The Speak Easy, The Newark Club and NOBU Next Door.


Denise is also an entrepreneur, having owned several businesses in which she utilizes her skills to tap into God’s creativity, often creating works of art through computer imaging, home decorating, fashion and design.  She has also attend various courses in which she has further enhanced her gifts and talents.


Together they have crafted a myriad of culinary fetes, from intimate dinners and private functions to large scale conferences, corporate and institutional events.  Raymond's quest to prepare the highest quality, freshest and tastefully satisfying dishes, coupled with Denise's flare for personal touches and design, have made them hospitality dynamos. 



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